Top 10 women’s fragrances. Do you agree?

Top 10 women’s fragrances...
Are you on the hunt for the perfect scent? Here’s our opinion list of the top 10 women’s perfume products that you can try. Of course everyone has their favorite! When testing a fragrance, follow these steps:
How Do You Test A Fragrance On Your Skin?
  1. Spray the back of your hand twice whilst respecting the correct spray distance.
  2. Leave to dry naturally & do not rub in fragrance.
  3. Inhale the fragrance without letting it touch your nose.
  4. Refer back to your hand over time to see how it evolves.
1. Jo Loves Pomelo
This is perfume has a delicate and long-lasting scent formulated with warm undertones. It’s the perfect floral and citrusy scent for individuals that are looking for something subtle.
2. Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette
This perfume is the perfect feminine scent that is fresh and playful. It has a fruit-floral blend with notes of violet leaves, jasmine, and strawberry.
3. Cartier La Panthere
This bold fragrance isn’t for everyone because of its nuances of fruit flavors and notes of musk. However, it’s an indulgent and sophisticated scent, ideal for evenings out. Use sparingly; one spritz is enough for a day.
4. Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum
This fragrance is a modern classic with notes of rose, jasmine, vanilla, and orange. It’s ideal for Chanel fans that want to channel their inner Coco Chanel.
5. Lancome La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum
Although this perfume can be cloying to some, it’s the perfect sweet, girly scent for a sunny outlook. You can wear it for the daytime or an evening out and it belongs to the floral scent family.
6. Michael Kors Wonderlust Eau de Parfum
This exotic perfume smells like fresh florals with hints of citrus and spice. It layers feminine notes of pink pepper, mandarin, and bergamot with florals such as jasmine.
7. Benefit Maybe Baby Eau de Toilette
This fragrance has a sweet but not overpowering scent perfect for teenagers. Most reviewers say it has the perfect balance between subtle and noticeable.
8. Estee Lauder Beautiful Eau De Parfum
This fragrance has a classic floral scent that lasts for a long time, making it the best perfume for full floral scent lovers.
9. Baccarat Rouge 540 Eau de Parfum
This is a Maison Francis Kurkdjian creation that has an irresistible, head-turning aroma. It has a unique mix of cedar, jasmine, and amber that’s sensual, strong, and warm.
10. White Tea Eau de Toilette
This Elizabeth Arden scent is a classic and classy fragrance with a subtle blend of white iris, white tea, and musk.
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